About Us

Crafting Tailgate Traditions

Hey there, we're Brad Hull and Tyler Hull, the driving force behind WagNBag. Our journey began with a tailgating innovation that sparked a whole new level of fun: the Wag-N-Bag aka "The Cornhole Wagon"

Picture this: a tailgate-sized cornhole game that transforms into a wagon. A game and a cooler carrier, all in one! It was our solution to making tailgating even more enjoyable – hauling your cooler and gear around and then easily switching to cornhole for multifunctional entertainment.

Our invention struck a chord with fellow tailgaters, and the Wag-N-Bag quickly gained popularity. We sold out of our initial run, but it was what happened next that truly shaped our path.

Listening to our customers and watching the market, we realized the immense potential in creating custom cornhole boards. The demand for personalized and high-quality cornhole games was evident. With unwavering passion and a clear vision, we pivoted and began focusing on crafting custom cornhole boards.

Starting from our garage, we poured our hearts into every board we made. As word spread about our craftsmanship and dedication, our small venture began to grow. Today, we have become one of the largest custom cornhole manufacturers around and proud of how far we came. 

While the wagon is still on our radar, we've chosen to focus on custom and personalized games and gifts for now. We've honed our operations to perfection, ensuring that every piece we create is not just a product but a source of joy. Our boards and gifts have a unique way of bringing people together, whether as gifts to loved ones or for the sheer enjoyment of outdoor fun with friends and family.

At WagNBag, we're not just in the business of crafting boards; we're in the business of crafting memories. Join us in the tradition of tailgating, outdoor fun, and the joy that quality boards can bring. Let's make your cornhole experience uniquely yours.