What is Wag-N-Bag?

Wag-N-Bag is a wagon that transforms into cornhole or bags. This beasty tank hauls up to 400 lbs off all your crap then turns into today's most popular and competitive tailgating game. Utilizing our patent pending technology, this party on wheels transforms into bag toss or cornhole to ensure everybody is having a good time. Why struggle carrying your cooler, grill, and chairs to you next destination? Show up in style with less stress and have way more fun at your next tailgate!


We have all seen it or been through it ourselves...the group that is carrying 30 things and speed walking across the lot like hott mess. Not the way you want to roll over to your crew's tailgate. They have their unbelievably heavy cooler, chairs, grill, the whole bit. The last guy is struggling the worst because he's carrying the bulkiest and biggest pain...cornhole. Of course cornhole or bags as some call it, it awesome. But, does it really have to feel like I ran a marathon or climbs a mountain once I finally set it down and start playing. We have been in your shoes, so don't feel bad. We had tortured ourselves enough and finally realized that we wasted so much energy and stress getting where we needed to go with all of our tailgating essentials.

Wag-N-Bag started with 2 guys in a parking lot having some cold ones before a Royals game and seeing an alarming amount of people who would benefit from the 2 in 1 combination. You can't walk a row in the parking lot without seeing a group indulging in an extremely fun and competitive game of cornhole. Going to the family picnic? Going on your annual float trip? Love getting weird at festivals? You can "tailgate" in your own driveway. While your grillin fat juicy steak, you don't have to worry about what kind of insects your little ones are eating. You know that children love taking the corn filled bags until they wear themselves out take a nap.

Life is so much better with Wag-N-Bag. Stop looking like an idiot and cut the anxiety out of enjoying your friends and family in the places that you love most. 

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